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Julie, twenty, San Francisco,
Classics & Classical Languages major, International Relations Minor.

I'm the subject of an Ancient Egyptian curse, but I manage to stay positive.


Jewels I found while studying pre Middle Age art history:


Confused citizen


Confused angels


Confused “Why do I have two hands?”


Confused goat


Confused Beatles


My body isn’t mine anymore.



i really think this photo describes what dissociation feels like sometimes {for me anyways}

In time, depersonalized people can make some accommodations to the condition, Janiger says. They know it won’t kill them or make them insane. It isn’t a progressive illness. It may constitute a subtle alteration of perception. It’s more like adjusting to a pair of glasses that makes everything appear upside down. Eventually one may find ways of adapting.

Accordingly, people with DP disorder become masters at maintaining a front, appearing quite normal to friends, family and co-workers. The sense of being an automaton as described in DSM-IV is consistent with going through the familiar routines of a lifetime. You do what you’re expected to, and say what others expect you too, all the while feeling as if you’re acting out of habit, says John, a 32-year-old filmmaker who has had the condition for six years. Your mind is always a million miles away. All natural spontaneity and joy of living is gone. You know something’s wrong, and you’re constantly battling with what it might be, and evaluating how you feel.

Depersonalization: Strangers to Ourselves

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